Festival BOLZANO DANZA 2007


It often seems to us that we live in a world which has gone all wrong; or that the world is how it ought to be, and must be, but that the lives we pursue within it have grown deranged. And that everything may after all be a great illusion, a colossal swindle: one can’t be sure of anything. At every turn of every road, all sorts of personal, economic, and climatic catastrophes seem to spring into the lives of all of us, destroying all tranquillity and false sense of security.

FLIEGT ALLES AUF (“EVERYTHING COMES APART”) attempts to unmask the conspiracy of “normality,” and to shed the light of day onto what truly lies at the centre of our world: the descent into hell.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” is emblazoned over the portal that Dante passes through in order to go down into hell. Where hope has ceased to be possible, all combat too must come to an end. The senses, instead, experience a peace for which the heart has always longed: all deception lies revealed; there are no further needs or routes of escape; no greater depths to plumb; the spectator stands amazed and gazes in astonishment at the denizens of the world below, and is bit by bit drawn down into the surprising, eerie spaces in which they live. A meeting place of strange precisions and unbridled madness conjures up an image in which we see that anguish too is a space that we can visit, and in which we can find an orientation.

Premiere July 21th 2007, Festival Bolzano Danza, played in containers in Parco dei Capuccini, Bozen

Coproduction T.E.M.A. with Tanz Bozen 2007

Concept & Choreography:
Veronika Riz

Joris Camelin,
Hilde Elbers,
Catherine Jodoin,
Robert Przybyl,
Ai Shinohara ,
Nefeli Skarmea

Christof Dienz

Set Design & Light:
Mario Airò

Jens Dietrich

Johanna Barski


Production Management:
Anna Quinz